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Rigidity and Stereotypic Behaviors in a child with Autism and ways to overcome them

Often it is seen that parents of children with Autism struggle with rigid stereotypic behaviours in their children, sometimes so much that they land up being depressed or live in a perpetual state of anxiety. Coupled with the frustration of having to live up with their children’s unreasonable demands, their worry of what might happen to the child’s future makes them troubled [..]

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Development of reading skills in a child with special needs

How to develop reading skills step by step in a child that knows the alphabets but is not putting sounds together to read.

Welcome once again, to the weekly blog of Sashakt empowering lives. A lot of parents come up with this concern that their kid recognizes all the alphabets but is not able to put sounds together and read a word. What follows is like a step by step instruction manual to develop the same[…]

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